Aluminum profile powder coating surface treatment

- Mar 27, 2020-

Aluminum profile Powder coating surface treatment is the powder coating is sprayed to the surface of the aluminum profile with powder coating equipment (electrostatic spray machine), under static action, the powder will be evenly adsorbed to the surface of the aluminum profile, forming a powder-like coating; The spray effect of powder spraying is superior to the painting process in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and the cost is also under the same effect.


Aluminum profile powder coating surface treatment uses the principle of electrostatic spraying to adsorbed dry powders on metal aluminum profiles and after a high temperature barbecue of more than 200 degrees C, the powder solidifies into a solid and shiny coating about 60 microns thick. Make the product surface flat smooth color uniform with strong acid resistance, alkaline resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance can withstand strong UV radiation and acid rain erosion for a long time without coating powdering, fading, shedding and other phenomena. Powder-coated aluminum profiles last up to 30 years under normal conditions. Its surface coating is guaranteed to be non-fading, discolored and uncracked for 5-10 years. Its weather resistance and corrosion are better than the color diversification of ordinary aluminum.


The product does not contain toxicity, does not contain solvents and non-volatile toxic substances, so no poisoning, no fire, no "three waste" emissions and other public hazards, in full compliance with the requirements of the national environmental protection law.

High utilization rate of raw materials, some well-known brands of powder suppliers produced powder, its overspray powder can be recycled, the highest utilization rate can even reach more than 99%.

After the coating pre-treatment, one-time construction, without the bottom coating, you can get a sufficient thickness of the coating film, easy to achieve automated operation, high production efficiency, can reduce costs.

Coating density, adhesion, impact strength and toughness are good, high angle coverage, with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and electrical insulation.

Powder coating storage, transport safety and convenience.