Function of Carpet Trim and Its Variety

- Mar 09, 2018-

The carpet trim is mainly used on carpets. The connection between carpets and other flooring materials with different thickness should be smooth and in good transition. So professional carpet trims shall be used. For example, the boarding passage in airport, the public access in large buildings, etc. Such places usually need carpet installation, using high-low transition carpet trims. For interior carpet decoration project in large area, level carpet trim is usually used where the carpets are connected in order to protect the edge of carpet from being kicked up or the people from being stumbled.

Carpet trims have good features of durable surface and silence effect. The carpet that is installed with carpet trims looks more luxury. Carpet trims are usually made of PVC or aluminum. They are durable and have long service life. They are convenient for installation and less cost in labor and material resource.


The carpet trims was divided into PVC carpet trims and aluminum carpet trims.

PVC carpet trims are usually used for the connection between floor and carpet that are made of PVC, such as sport floor, carpet laminate floor and so on. They have the same transition function as aluminum carpet trim. But compared to aluminium carpet trim, the PVC carpet trims do not have the luxury and shining effect, even though it has the same effect of fixing the carpet.

    Aluminium carpet trims are suitable to use for the transition parts between carpets. It can protect the edge of carpets and it can be used at the door entrance. With the sawtooth, the aluminum carpet trims stick closely to the bottom of carpets to prevent falling off and they are installed with steel nails.