What is the function of metal step edge?How about the installation?

- Jun 12, 2018-

The aluminum alloy metal step edge is a kind of metal slider with double-layer structure, which is mainly used for protecting the staircase surface from damage, to prevent people slide and got hurt by the the upper and lower stair. Aluminum Alloy metal step edge is a double-layer structure, the bottom is made from high-grade processing aluminum-magnesium alloy, the surface is special formulation of PVC. Generally,the surface PVC strip can be a variety of colors for choice.


Aluminum Alloy metal step edge suitable for all kinds of staircase surface in different size or material. It use for everywhere,such as in large shopping malls, hospitals, schools, cinemas, offices building and other places.


How to install Aluminum Alloy metal step edge?The staircase level surface and facade should be 90 degrees, first of all, clean up the staircase steps, in the front of the staircase edge corner and the back of the metal step edge,coated with adhesive and knocked it with rubber hammer when the corner and the metal step edge bonded together after a while later. Or you could punch holes in the aluminum alloy base, fix the metal step edge on the staircase surface with screws, and then inserted plastic strips on the surface of metal step edge.