Why do today's electrical appliances use aluminum alloy frame?

- Jan 11, 2019-

Why do today's electrical appliances use aluminum alloy frame?


In the past, we use the home appliance frame is usually iron brush paint or stainless steel, so the past appliances moved up stupid and heavy. And now the home appliances do more and more light and thin. Not the quality is getting worse, but more attention to the user's experience, the lighter and beautiful materials aluminum alloy profiles have become a very good choice. Aluminum profile with features of light, high hardness,suitable for making the main body of home appliances.


Home Appliance aluminum alloy frame is to fix the main body of electrical appliances, and play the role of protective appliances. Aluminum alloy frame is generally rectangular, border size, thickness according to the size of the appliance weight to be customize. Reach the refrigerator door, small to the mobile phone border, now use aluminum alloy profiles. Even a TV set that boasts a borderless is a medium frame with an aluminum alloy. It can be seen how widely the application of aluminum alloy border in household appliances.

Aluminum alloy border by such a pro-gaze is not only because of its lightweight, more it is easy to form, low processing costs, the surface can do a variety of treatment, so that it is more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to manage, elegant. such as anodic oxidation (coloring), electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis, drawing, sand surface treatment, and so on. The aluminum alloy mobile phone shell after sand surface treatment has become the most popular material on the market.

Electrical frame aluminum profile, generally using 6063 grades of aluminum alloy (aluminum, magnesium, silicon alloy), this alloy has good plasticity, cutting properties and welding performance. It is also one of the most widely used aluminum profiles, widely used in industrial production and construction, home furnishings.