About Aluminum Corner Trims

- May 14, 2018-

Whether to use ceramic tile tiling wall, floor or use waterproof board to decorate wall, there will be many corners(internal corner and external corner).The treatment of these corners, not only will directly affect the overall effect of the renovation, but also reflects the overall level of decoration.

It is the highest level that external aluminum corner trim series in the decoration can make space, plane and line to achieve harmony and unity. In recent years, the treatment of external corner in tiling ceramic tile has been a touch of two viewpoints using traditional edging and modern trimming.

Tile aluminum corner trims is not only a safety protection building materials, but also a good accessory to decorate the pavement. Tile edge trim protects tile corner collision damage, to avoid the tile bevel cutting grinding, neat and beautiful.

At present, the aluminum corner trims has round shape, hypotenuse shape, side shape and so on.

There are aluminum corner crims, stainless steel corner trim, PVC corner trim, ceramic corner trim etc..