About Aluminum Office Partition Decoration

- Mar 15, 2019-

About Aluminum Office Partition Decoration

In the partition decoration when the use of aluminum office partition decoration has many advantages:


1, Safety and fire resistance of aluminum office partition decoration: in accordance with the building standards of fire protection building materials design, and take into account the different places and areas of fire protection grade, the use of the same system of different series of products.


2, Systematic decoration of aluminum office partition decoration: a single regularization to make it easy to reuse, can be combined not to the top compartment and screen, and can easily and perfectly present the design concept, flexible performance decoration techniques. 3, flexible use of three-dimensional space: the compartment can be arbitrarily hung a variety of functional accessories, when used to hang, do not use when you can take down, do not damage the wall, hanging parts and appearance into one, beautiful and practical.


At the same time, the reasonable arrangement of the dark cabinet, fully reflects the integrated design concept of the wall cabinet, so that the space utilization rate is higher.


4, Surface material Diversification of aluminum office partition decoration: surface materials have a variety of changes, color also has a variety of options, different spaces, different uses, the use of different surface materials, from elegant, elegant, noble, gorgeous, can enjoy the play.