About Aluminum Trims

- Jul 12, 2018-

About Aluminum Trims

Aluminum trims is not only a safety protection building materials, but also a good accessory to decorate the pavement. Aluminum trims  protects tile corner collision damage, to avoid the tile bevel cutting grinding, neat and beautiful.

Aluminum trims  is widely used because of simple installation, low cost, effective protection of ceramic tile and reducing the collision hazard caused by 90 degree convex angle.

Aluminum trims are now widely used in office buildings, hotel, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, factories and home decoration. Using aluminum trims not only enables engineers to get rid of the trouble of cutting tile edge, improve the decoration efficiency, but also beautify the decoration effect and play a role in security in public places.

Aluminum trims can be used to modify the corner, can also be used to decorate the edge, such as the edge of Dado Capping and skirting board.

There are Aluminum trims , stainless steel tile edge trim, PVC tile edge trim, Ceramic tile edge trim etc..

The material or color of wall and ceiling is not the same, there will be a clear line of intersection, external corner trim is to cover up the boundary used, and according to different styles of indoor choice of wood or gypsum line, but also played a decorative role.

At present, the aluminum trims has round shape, hypotenuse shape, side shape and so on.