Application of industrial aluminum profile in ship

- Jan 19, 2019-

Application of industrial aluminum profile in ship


Aluminium profiles have been used in ship or building for a century. Because of the low density of aluminum alloy, high strength, strong corrosion resistance is very suitable for the harsh environment in the ocean. and the processing cost of aluminum profiles is low, so it is more economical and efficient to manufacture ships with aluminum profiles.


and marine Industrial aluminum profile technology in recent years is also a rapid advance, is a vast market for industrial aluminum profiles.

Let's take a look at the advantages of industrial aluminum profiles in ship manufacturing: 1, strong corrosion resistance, the ship should be soaked in water for a long time, especially the sea water salt is high, corrosive.

The aluminum alloy surface can produce natural oxidation film to resist external corrosion, and after anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy can maintain a very stable state in seawater. 2, excellent welding performance.

Welding contrast riveting has more obvious advantages, because in shipbuilding can not be through the method of re-heat treatment to restore the loss of performance due to welding, and industrial aluminum profiles have good welding crack resistance, and after welding welded joints performance is not small difference, so it is very conducive to shipbuilding welding use. 3, low density, light.


The density of aluminum is only one-third of that of iron, and on the premise of the same hull size, the industrial aluminum profile hull will bring lighter quality, greatly facilitating the ship's higher speed and fuel economy, thus gaining longer mileage at the same amount of oil. Industrial aluminum profiles With so many advantages are now widely used on many types of ships. Like our most concerned aircraft carrier, an aircraft carrier's industrial aluminum profile usage of about 1000 tons, is very considerable. There are also our usual more common speedboats, this relatively high speed requirements of the ship, the weight of the hull requirements are also the lighter the better. There are work boats, LNG cargo ships, etc., the use of aluminum alloy materials, very durable.