Casting process of aluminum alloy

- Jan 17, 2020-

Casting process of aluminum alloy.

1. According to the need to produce specific aluminum alloy grades, calculate the addition of various alloy components, reasonable with a variety of raw materials.

2. Put the aluminum ingot into the melting furnace to melt, you should pay attention not to put it slowly. It is best to put a small amount of aluminum ingot into water and then again until the expected weight is reached. Properly stirred andscoop up ashes during melting.

3. After the aluminum water melts well, add silicon. It should be noted that before siliconing to clean the aluminum surface. No adding the broken silicon powder silicon chemical process should be properly stirred.

4. After siliconization put a certain amount of aluminum ingots as cooling material, because the temperature after siliconization will be relatively high, the amount of cooling material according to the temperature of your casting requirements, cooling the final magnesium will be added.

5. Then carry out degassing, refining, deterioration, static and other refining process, according to the requirements of their own plant and equipment operation.