Feature of aluminium furniture

- Jun 04, 2018-

Feature of aluminium furniture

1.Aluminium furniture has longer service life and stronger waterproof and fireproof performance.

2.Waterproof nature: The Aluminum furniture body long-term bubble water does not rot, does not mold, never changes color.

3.Fire Resistance: The Aluminum furniture cabinet body has super heat resistance, the surface can withstand 100 degrees of high temperature.

4.Mothproof: Aluminum furniture cabinet body hardness is strong, no need to worry about cockroaches, termites attack.

5.Anti-collision, wear-resistant: The Aluminum furniture cabinet body has a strong impact strength, knife-cutting non-destructive.

6.Carrying deformation: The Aluminum furniture  cabinet body does not absorb the tide, the temperature expansion coefficient is small, does not produce the distortion, the crack.

7.Material environmental Protection No radiation: The cabinet body does not contain radiation, 0 formaldehyde, non-toxic non-polluting environmental protection coefficient high.

8.Easy to clean: No odor: Aluminum furniture Cabinet can be used to wash the detergent directly, cleaning easy.

9.High durability: Aluminum furniture Cabinet body to ensure durability, more practical.

10.Process streamlining: Easy installation: Aluminum furniture Cabinet structure design process is simple, installation and maintenance more convenient.

11.Rich color, fashionable: Aluminum furniture cabinets to break through the traditional use of all aluminum alloy, can be combined with a free combination.