Features of Aluminum Extrusion LED Profile

- Aug 22, 2018-

Features of Aluminum Extrusion LED Profile

Here are the features of aluminum extrusion led profile for your reference.

1.LED lamps need to heat good materials, and the thermal conductivity of  aluminum extrusion LED profile is much higher than that of steel.

2.Surface of  aluminum extrusion LED profile has a layer of dense alumina, has a good antioxidant corrosion effect.

3.Luminous efficiency can be as high as 80lm/w, a variety of aluminum extrusion LED profile for led strips color temperature optional, high color index, good color rendering

4. Low-end aluminum extrusion LED profilein the province or lower than energy-saving lamps (cold cathode tube, CCFL) and initial purchase cost is higher.

5.Wide voltage range, global universal aluminum extrusion LED profile.85v~ 264VAC full voltage range constant current to ensure the life and brightness is not affected by voltage fluctuations