Features of industrial aluminum profiles

- Jul 10, 2020-

Features of industrial aluminum profiles


1. Industrial aluminum profiles in the production process using hot and cold two processes, has a strong corrosion resistance.


2. Industrial aluminum profiles compared with other commonly used metals density (in g/cm3 or kg/m3) small, light weight, is 1/3 of copper or iron, in the process of use completely do not take into account its needs of the weight. The machinability of aluminum profiles is excellent. Aluminum profiles are non-ferrous, which is an important feature for the electrical and electronics industries. Aluminum profiles are not self-igniting, which is important for applications involving loading and unloading or contact with flammable and explosive materials.


3.Relative to other metal materials, industrial aluminum profiles plasticity, good production, for production has a good advantage. Industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component, aluminum rod through hot melt, squeeze to obtain different cross-sectional shape of aluminum material, but the proportion of added alloys are different, the production of industrial aluminum profile seismo-performance and application areas are also different.


4. Industrial aluminum profiles have good extension performance, can be made with many metal elements light alloy, high-quality material.


5. Industrial aluminum profiles have modularization and multi-functionalization, can quickly structure the ideal mechanical equipment frame.


6. The surface treatment performance is good, the appearance is colorful, no paint is required.


7. The elasticity coefficient is small, the collision friction can not be sparks, in the automotive process performance is the best.


8. No metal contamination, no toxicity, no volatile metals in the surface oxide layer.