Frequently Asked Questions

- Jul 26, 2017-

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What are the order procedures for a new customer?

A1: First, check our Public Mould Models to see if there are any models that suit your interests. Public mould means that you don’t need to open a new mould. They belong to our company and can be used by any client. 

If you can not find anything suitable, send us your drawings or samples, together with color or finish requirements, length, quantities, packing details, etc., and we will evaluate and make the quotations.

Second, if the quotations are ok we will send you the PI for you to arrange payment.

Third, upon receipt of payment we will arrange production or opening new mould.


Q2: What shall we provide to get the quotations?

A2: For products with public mould, you need to tell us your interested models from our Pubic Mould Models list, which you can get from our representatives.

   While for products without public mould (OEM/ODM products), you need to send us your drawings, better with CAD format and complete data, or samples if drawings not available.

In both of the above cases, please also provide the information as follows:

1)      What color or finish is the profile? You can refer to Q7 for reference.

2)      Are there any packing requirements? You can refer to Q16 for reference.

3)      If the profile needs anodizing, do you need to cut off the anodizing marks on both ends? You can refer to Q18 for reference.

4)      What is the length of the profile? You can refer to Q17 for reference.


Q3Do you have MOQ requirements?

A3Yes, we do. Please check below the information. But for new moulds/dies, we don’t have MOQ for the first two orders.



Not   meeting MOQ charges

Anodizing   or Mill finish

200   per model/color/length

Less   than 50KG, USD $46.5

51-100KG, USD $38.5

101-150KG, USD $31

151-199KG, USD $23.5

Powder   coating

2000   per color

1000-1999KG,   USD $ 46.5

Less   than 1000KG, not acceptable


Q4What payment terms do you accept?

A4We accept T/T or bank transfer, 30% deposit, balance payment before delivery. For other payment terms like L/C, credit card, etc. please consult us.


Q5Can we pay upon receipt of the goods? 

A5Sorry, we only accept payment before delivery.


Q6If I want to do OEM/ODM, is it possible?

A6Sure. But you may have to open a new mould/die. There will be some mould charges. Please send us your drawings or samples for evaluation. We will protect your patent strictly.


Q7: What colors and finish do you have for your products?

A7: Generally we have three series—matt, brushed and polish. Please see as follows:


Matt   Series

Brushed   Series

Sand-blasting   Series

Anodized   Series

Powder   Coating Series

Matt   silver

Brushed   silver

Sand-blasting   silver

Anodized   silver


Matt   gold

Brushed   gold

Sand-blasting   gold

Anodized   gold


Matt   bronze

Brushed   bronze

Sand-blasting   bronze

Anodized   bronze

To   be customized

Matt   champagne

Brushed   champagne

Sand-blasting   champagne

Anodized   champagne

Notes: For other colors and finish, please send us samples for evaluation.


Q8If the products have quality problems, how will you handle it?

A8Please send the pictures to our sales representatives. If the problem is confirmed, we will arrange exchange of products. 


Q9How long will it take for delivery after we place the order?

A9For mould opening, it takes around 7-10 days. For mass production, it takes around 20-30 days.


Q10: How long will it take to open a new mould/die?

A10: Generally it will take 7-10 days to open an extrusion mould/die and 10-15 days to open a punching mould/die. Bigger moulds/dies will take longer time.


Q11: Will you provide samples?

A11: Yes. We can provide samples free of charge.


Q12Can you provide accessories for installing tile trims, floor trims, etc.?

A12Yes, we can provide accessories like corner pieces/end cap, screws, etc. Please consult our sales representatives. You might need to provide samples for this service.  


Q13: Can we visit your factory?

A13: Sure, you are welcome to visit us any time. We can arrange free pick-up from your hotel or airports in Guangzhou or Foshan.


Q14: Is the price fixed or changing?

A14: The price is changing. It depends on aluminum ingot price and exchange rates, which change every day. But our quotations are valid for 7 days, during which time the price is fixed.

   If you want to fix the price for a year or some period of time, you can place a fixed purchase contract with us and pay deposit for these periods. In this way, we can fix the price for you.



Q15: Do we need to ask for quotations every time we place an order?

A15: Yes, that’s the common practice in this industry. We suggest that you place bigger orders when ingot price and exchange rates are favorable.


Q16: What is your packing like?

A16: Generally our packing is each profile in a poly bag and bundles in a carton. Each carton will not exceed 20 kg. We can also do shrink film, pallet, Kraft paper, etc. Please tell us your specific packing requirements.


Q17: What is the maximum length that you can produce?

A17: The maximum length that we can produce is 6 meters.


Q18: What is anodizing mark?

A18: When the profile is being anodized, both their ends are bound and hung on the anodize lines. Thus after anodizing, there is a mark where the bound is. Some clients prefer to cut the marks off, while some don’t mind. It is up to the client.


Q19: What is the film thickness for the finish?

A19: For anodizing we generally do 8-10µ, not exceeding 18µ.While for powder coating, we generally do 60-80µ.


Q20: Can you do as thin as we require for the profiles?

A20: Sorry, we do no less than 0.8mm in thickness.


Q21: Are the delivery quantities exactly the same as I order?

A21: I’m afraid they are not exactly the same. There will be a tolerance of +10% in quantities in general. And the payment amount will be calculated according to the actual delivery quantities.


Q22: What aluminium alloy do you use?

A22: If not specified, we generally use 6063-T5. But we can also do 6063-T6, 6061-T6, etc.