How to choose the aluminium edging strip

- Jun 28, 2018-

How to choose the aluminium edging strip

As people's self-awareness has gradually improved, the concept of beauty has begun to change. Everyone will have different perceptions of beauty. The same is true in the decoration industry. Each guest will have different preferences. In order to cater to these preferences, more and more products have appeared in the decoration field, including floor battens.

In fact, the aluminium edging strip is only a small auxiliary material in the decoration, and the weight in the overall decoration is very small. However, it has the effect of improving the aesthetics of the floor decoration. For this reason, developers have also begun to innovate on the aluminium edging strip. Most of the aluminium edging strip we saw in the past were solid wood or metal beading of gold, silver, and wood. In today's market, a variety of layers such as green, pink, and colors have begun to appear. So dazzling and dazzling. How to choose?

According to Xiao Bian's experience, unless the individual is particularly fond of these colorful styles, the selection of floor beading is based on simple and generous criteria. When we choose a wood floor, as a aluminium edging strip, we can choose the same color texture of the aluminium edging strip, you can also choose the appropriate depth of some solid wood layering. In the process of the connection between the wood floor and the marble, the selected bead may be a metal bead. The color is as close as possible to the color of the wooden floor or is close to the color of the marble. Do not increase the third color. Too much color will cause visual effects. Messy sense.

To sum up, the simpler and more appropriate, the color match is not a single, boring, but does not create a colorful feeling, after all, this is a warm home, can use other colors to decorate. And if you choose the floor that is splicing the color, you can choose any kind of splicing color.