How to choose the best material for decoration corner trims?

- Dec 21, 2018-

It is common to see that the corner trims of the material has plastic, aluminum alloy, rubber, gypsum.

VC Plastic Protection Angle VC Plastic Corner is more suitable for some gypsum board wall and insulation system wall, it can be combined with the seam material the corner very well, create  a relatively strong protection system.And VC plastic corner of their own advantages are more, can alkali resistance, anti-aging, not easy to rust, can protect the corner safety for a long time, its firmness is greatly improved which would be a good choice during decoration.


Aluminum Alloy Protective Angle is one of the more common used angle guard, which is widely used in many home decoration.Aluminum alloy material of its firmness is relatively stable, and anti-collision performance is relatively strong, is a more ideal material choice.


Rubber Protective angle Rubber angle can be divided into round and right angle,compare to these two angles, the round angle of its durability is more better and durable on performance.

The round angle made of high-strength rubber,anti-pressure performance is better,and with its good softness, can be appropriate to slow down the impact force during daily life collisions.


Gypsum Protection angle Gypsum protection angle is made of airtight cementitious material, its self-pattern and pattern selection are more,support users according to their own home decoration style to choose the appropriate angle of protection.Gypsum corner price compared to other corner material is affordable, has become very popular in choice, the use is also relatively extensive.


Different materials can achieve different effects, we need to combine requirements and circumstances to choose, so that the decoration could got the best results.