How to install floor edge trim

- May 24, 2018-

How to install floor edge trim

Floor edge trim is mainly used between the floor and the floor, on the one hand, for the two different materials can be harmonious, on the other hand, to protect the floor is not easily tilted, but also to fill the floor and the floor between the gap.

But whatever the reason, the floor edge trim is essential in the process of decoration.

So how to install these floor edge trim, what need to pay attention to matters? In fact, in the floor edge trim decoration process, for those professional people is simply a piece of cake. There are two ways to decorate, one is to use glass glue to paste, another way is through drilling fixed method to install. Although the installation is very convenient, but in the installation process, there are some need to pursue the perfection of the people need attention. These notices are also based on a lot of people who have experienced family decoration.

The first is to buy the floor edge trim, then need to install the floor edge trim near the stone to measure the size. Some friends will choose the seller directly to measure, this way is not advisable. In principle, the need to be a bricklayer to measure the size of the stone, and then tell the decoration of the friends need to buy how large size. And in this measurement process there is one point to note is that the stone size of the door is not consistent with the thickness of the wall, in order to install the floor egde trim effect is more beautiful, need to shrink into a centimeter or so, so that the installation of the floor edge trm will be aligned with the wall. The second is the installation of the floor edge trim.

In the installation, you need to remind the bricklayer to install parallel floor edge trim, do not tilt.