Knowledge about aluminum trims

- May 16, 2018-

Aluminum alloy trims is the use of pure aluminum, such as manganese and magnesium alloy elements, extrusion of the strip shaped profiles.

1.Aluminum trims Characteristics

Aluminum trims with light, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, stiffness headlamps characteristics.

Its surface by anodic oxidation coloring surface treatment, has a bright metallic luster, light and weather-resistant performance, its surface can be coated with a strong and transparent electrophoretic paint film, painted more beautiful, durable.

2.The use of aluminum trims

Aluminum trims can be used to decorate the surface of the pressure line, the wire, as well as decorative painting, decorative mirror frame edge. In billboards, light boxes, display cards, as a border or frame, in the wall or ceiling surface as some equipment sealing line.

Aluminum trims is also used in furniture on the edge of the decorative line, glass door push-pull groove, carpet and other

3.Aluminum trim Specifications

Aluminum trims mainly have angle line, picture frame lines, carpet and other lines.