Precautions regarding Aluminum Profile Processing

- Dec 31, 2017-

Precautions regarding Aluminum Profile Processing


Processing of aluminum profile precaution No. one: Temperature

In the process of processing, the temperature of the setting and control is very important. Processing temperature and the surface temperature of material exist a certain temperature difference, so the setting of temperature is based on the actual temperature of the furnace. Throughout the process, it has to pay close attention to the temperature changes, Temperature fluctuations need to be mastered in real time to temperature differences, avoiding problems which result in adverse effects on the finished product.

Processing of aluminum profile precaution No. two: Aging

Aging is a commonly used method of aluminum alloy heat treatment. If it is at room temperature, it’s natural aging. If it is higher than room temperature, it’s artificial aging. The aging treatment not only can improve the mechanical properties of the finished product, but also can improve the physical and chemical properties of the aluminum material. When making aging treatment, it is needed to carry out a certain degree of insulation measures. Of course, the time for heat preservation also needs to pay special attention to prevent the time is too short or too long so as to make the hardness of the aluminum material strong enough.

Processing of aluminum Profile precautions No. three: Loading furnace

Aluminum products must be separated between special alloy and ordinary alloy before the installation of the furnace. If encountered special processing, then need to take special alloy out for aging treatment.

Processing of aluminum profile precautions No. four: Extrusion

Extrusion process is also a very important part of the aluminum processing. It has to be noted that aluminum profiles in the squeeze box must not be too dense. The material must have a certain space between each other. The hardness of aluminum products is usually low before aging. Generally it can not be used as a finished product before aging treatment. Therefore, in general, the extruded aluminum profile is necessary to do aging treatment in order to improve the strength.