The advantages of aluminum background wall panel

- May 03, 2019-


The advantages of aluminum background wall panel

Aluminum background wall panel is safe.And it has the following advantages:


1.Insulation, insulation, by the state-level authorities to detect insulation efficiency more than the country's existing standards, installation room and ordinary board installation indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees, and paint compared to 10 degrees, is our southern summer hot and northern winter cold wall decoration of the best materials. Aluminum background wall panel has a unique thermal insulation performance, the application of the product in the balcony, Sunshine Room and the top floor of the Villa space completely solve the top level of the sun exposure.


2.To achieve a clear energy-saving effect, but also belongs to the country's strong promotion of energy-saving decorative materials.


3. Aluminum background wall panel is fire prevention, by the National Authority department to detect the fire level reached B1 level, basically meet the fire protection requirements of the project.


4.Aluminum background wall panel is ultra-strong hardness, aluminum alloy plate and polyurethane have been composite, so that the product increases strength and hardness, can be on all kinds of protective walls.


5. Aluminum background wall panel is waterproof and moisture-proof, with moisture-proof properties, especially suitable for the southern decoration. Special solution to the South home decoration of the wall leakage to form decoration mold.