The usage of industrial aluminum frame profile

- Mar 22, 2019-

The usage of industrial aluminum frame profile

With the development of society, the application field of industrial aluminum profiles is more and more extensive, and the industrial Aluminum frame profile is the most widely used products. Industrial aluminum frame profile generally uses different specifications of the assembly line aluminum profiles, after sawing, assembly, can be made according to the needs of any size, arbitrary structure, flexibility.


So where will the industrial aluminum frame profile be used?


1.It widely use in machinery and equipment


1.Workbench, industrial assembly line, conveyor belt;


2. Small automation equipment and non-standard mechanical and electrical equipment;


3.Mechanical frame structure and all kinds of parts connection;


4.Industrial inspection and testing and safety protection system;


2.It also widely use in device outer Frame


1.Electronic, auto parts assembly line;


2.Chemical pharmaceutical medical food cleaning and other equipment;


3.Trade shows, outdoor advertising and stage settings, etc.;


4.Industrial fences, shields, various frameworks;


Aluminum Profile Conveyor Line The above covers almost all industrial fields, so the demand for industrial aluminum profiles is still very large.