Usage of Industrial aluminum profile

- Aug 30, 2019-

Usage of Industrial aluminum profile


1. Radiator aluminum profile aluminum alloy due to light quality, beautiful, good thermal conductivity and easy processing, widely used in radiator profile. The radiator profiles are mainly flat-width, solar flower type, comb type, round and branch type and so on. 6063 alloy is currently the most widely used alloy model with radiator profile. Aluminium radiator profiles are heavily used in the field of electronic equipment. In addition. The application in the field of communications launch and new energy is also very broad.


2. Aerospace aluminum profile 2xxx and 7xxx aluminum alloy is mainly used in the production of aircraft wings on the wall, beams, slats, spiral pulp and so on, and the rocket forging ring, spacecraft siding will also be applied to these two series of corrosion resistance, ultra-high-strength thermal processing performance of good aluminum alloy.


3. Transportation (rail vehicles) with aluminum profile aluminum profile body has light weight, sealing and corrosion resistance and other properties, so a large number of rail vehicles, such as subway, elevated railway, speed is not less than 200km/h intercity railway.


4. The aluminum profiles used in transportation (refrigerated containers) are mainly 6061, 6082, 6005, 6063 and 6060 alloys, of which 6061 and 6082 alloys are widely used in in-box flooring, connecting parts, cold door frames and so on.

5.Marine aluminum profiles are mainly used for high-speed ships, sea patrol work boats, sailing boats, passenger ferries, etc. , the application of the site including the side of the ship, the ship's underside plate, keel, deck.

Engine bench, etc., the main alloys include 5083, 5A01, 5A30, 6082


6.Construction (furniture, doors and windows) industrial aluminum profiles civil industrial aluminum profile applications, suitable for tea table, sofa, cabinets and other household furniture, doors and windows, high-rise curtain wall construction, etc.


7.Medical devices and advertising display with aluminum profile medical equipment aluminum profile mainly for 6061 alloy, the alloy meets the light weight, performance and strength of higher and corrosion resistance requirements, more used in wheelchairs, stretchers, nursing beds, medical escort chairs, etc. and advertising display aluminum profiles are light weight, easy to carry, easy to disassemble, new appearance,

Styles are diverse and many other characteristics.