What about the advantages of LED strip light?

- Jul 26, 2018-


LED strip light The traditional fluorescent tube contains a lot of mercury vapor, if the broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere, causing pollution. But the LED stripdoes not use mercury at all, and LED products also do not contain lead and other harmful substances, shell can also be recycLED, the environment has no damaging effect.

LED stripis recognized as the 21st century green lighting.

2: Less fever phenomenon

The traditional lamps are luminous with tungsten wire, will produce a lot of heat energy, and LED stripeffect has reached 140lm/w, the light conversion rate is high, the product surface temperature is below 60 ℃, does not produce the ultraviolet ray, to the document, the clothing also does not have the fading phenomenon.

3: No noise LED stripdoes not produce noise, for the use of precision electronic equipment occasions for the best choice.

Suitable for the library, office and other occasions.

4: Protecting the Eyes The traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, so it generates 100-120 flashes per second.

LED stripwith constant current work, is the direct conversion of AC power to direct current, effectively reduce LED stripdecay, start fast, no flicker, protect the eyes.

5: No mosquito troubles LED stripwill not produce ultraviolet light, infrared radiation, mercury and other harmful substances, less heat. So unlike traditional lamps, there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source.

The room will become more clean and tidy.

6: Wide voltage Range The traditional fluorescent lamps are illuminated by high voltages released by the rectifier and cannot be lit when the voltage is lowered.

and LED stripcan be lit within a certain range of voltage (such as AC 85-265V)

7: Power Saving long life

LED strippower Consumption is one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life is also 10 times times the traditional fluorescent lamp, and the traditional fluorescent light is basically consistent, normal service life of more than 30,000 hours, saving up to more than 70%, can be long-term use without replacement, reduce labor costs, more suitable for difficult to replace the occasion.

8: Firm and secure

The LED stripbody itself uses the epoxy resin rather than the traditional glass, more solid and reliable, even if the LED on the floor will not be easily damaged, you can safely use.

9: Good versatility

LED striptype, size and the traditional fluorescent lamp, can replace the traditional lamps.

10: Color Rich Make full use of the rich advantages of LED color to produce a variety of luminous color lights.