What Are Features of Aluminum Stair Nosing?

- Jan 25, 2018-

What Are Features of Aluminum Stair Nosing?


Aluminium stair nosing is mainly used in the step to protect the surface of stairs from damage. Aluminium stair nosing has the function of preventing people from sliding and getting hurt while walking up and down the stairs.


Aluminium stair nosing is a double-layer structure. The bottom is made of high-grade aluminium alloy, the surface is special formulation of PVC. Generally speaking, the surface of PVC strip can be a variety of colors for choice.


Aluminium stair nosing has low density and high strength which is close to or even exceed the high-quality steel. So the aluminium stair nosing has the good electrical conductivity, temperature conductivity and anti-corrosion capability. Compared to wooden stair nosing and plastic stair nosing, aluminium stair nosing is more colorful and has the features like wear-resistant, aging resistant, fungi proofing, flame retardant, stain resistant, environmental friendly, odorless, non-toxic, etc.


Aluminium stair nosing is suitable for stair surface on different sizes and materials. It can be seen everywhere such as the supermarkets, hospitals, schools, cinemas, office buildings, and so on.


Aluminium stair nosing is luxury in appearance and durable in service life. Aluminium stair nosing with PVC strip on top is easier to install, more economical and more durable.