Why aluminum cabinets

- Oct 30, 2020-

Why aluminum cabinets




Aluminum alloy cabinets are made of aluminum alloy frame inlaid crystal steel plate, aluminum alloy profiles, ABS plastic parts, crystal steel plate are blistered materials, so aluminum alloy cabinets provide 50 years of waterproof guarantee can be directly rinsed and soaked with water.




Aluminum alloy cabinets have strong heat resistance, and the test shows that the temperature difference of 200 degrees C is not damaged. Even if the whole unit is ignited and placed on it, after a long period of burning does not damage its surface, overcoming the general plate can not stand the disadvantages of burning.


3.Anti-worm ants


The cupboards are so hard that even termites can't help them.




Aluminum alloy cabinets have a strong impact resistance, experimentally proved to be able to withstand 227g steel balls from 3m drop non test, bend strength of up to 150Mpa.




The surface of the aluminum alloy cabinet is unscathed and can be used under normal conditions for 50 years.


6.No odor


Aluminum cabinets are made of aluminum alloy, crystal steel plate and engineering plastics in a clean environment, and the product has no odor.


7.No deformation


Aluminum alloy cabinets with crystal steel sheet, aluminum alloy as a skeleton, do not absorb moisture and temperature expansion coefficient is very small, so will not produce deformation.


8.Easy to clean up


Aluminum cabinets can be cleaned with detergent and water, easy to clean.




Aluminum cabinets are diverse in color, crystal clear as glass texture makes people have a new feeling.


10.The sealing edge is firm


Aluminum cabinets do not experience common degluing off-layer problems with board doors to paste or thermally composite sealing edges.


11.Good durability


Aluminum alloy cabinets molded from fine aluminum, after deep oxidation to achieve outdoor curtain wall quality requirements, surface hardness of more than 10 degrees, to ensure that the product durable for decades unchanged.


12.Use materials to promote environmental protection


Aluminum alloy cabinets with aluminum alloy frames and crystal steel plate are recyclable materials, each square door only aluminum alloy recycling value also has dozens of yuan.