Features of air vent cover

- May 25, 2018-

      Air vent covers widely used in air conditioning system.With variety of structure,there are 1-4 different directions form for scatter that can meet the requirements of all types of ceilings.As air vent covers with aluminum features that can withstand the pressure processing,Aluminum alloy can be used to obtain good mechanical properties,physical properties and Anti-Corrosion properties.Air vent covers could be in long time use.

     The appearance of Air vent covers is obvious,the surface is bright and clean,which is suitable for studio rooms, hospitals,theaters,classrooms,concert halls,libraries,recreation,theater lounges,general offices,shops,hotels,restaurants,gymnasiums and so on. In order to avoid noise interference and discomfort in all kinds of environments,in addition to determining the wind speed, it is necessary to consider the installation height and installation occasions.