What about aluminum moulding trim

- May 31, 2018-

What about aluminum moulding trim

Whether to use ceramic tile tiling wall, floor or use waterproof board to decorate wall, there will be many corners(internal corner and external corner).The treatment of these corners, not only will directly affect the overall effect of the renovation, but also reflects the overall level of decoration.

It is the highest level that aluminum moulding trim series in the decoration can make space, plane and line to achieve harmony and unity. In recent years, the treatment of external corner in tiling ceramic tile has been a touch of two viewpoints using traditional edging and modern trimming.


Stainless steel moulding trim, aluminum moulding trim are specially used for decorating the ceramic tile corner in the decoration project. Pasting the tile on the wall via the tile corner special paste hole, a beautiful arc surface is formed at the corner.

According to the ceramic tile thickness, the aluminum moulding trim divides into two kinds of specifications, the big aluminum moulding trim and the small aluminum moulding trim, respectively adapts to the 10mm and the 8m after the ceramic tile, the length is always 2.5 meters. aluminum moulding trim is widely used because of simple installation, low cost, effective protection of ceramic tile and reducing the collision hazard caused by 90 degree convex angle.

The material or color of Wall and ceiling is not the same, there will be a clear line of intersection, aluminum moulding trim is to cover up the boundary used, and according to different styles of indoor choice of wood or gypsum line, but also played a decorative role.