What is the external corner trim

- May 30, 2018-

What is the external corner trim.


The external corner trim is one kind uses in the ceramic tile 90 degree convex angle 

processing the decorative line, takes the floor as the surface, makes the 90 degree fan 

arc surface in the side. The material of external corner trim are PVC, aluminum alloy and 

stainless steel. The bottom plate has non-slip teeth or hole-like pattern, convenient for 

wall and tile full combination, fan-shaped arc surface edge of the limited bevel, used to 

limit the installation of tile or stone location. According to the ceramic tile thickness, the 

external corner trim divides into two kinds of specifications, the big external corner trim 

and the small external corner trim, respectively adapts to the 10mm and the 8m after the 

ceramic tile, the length is always 2.5 meters. external corner trim is widely used because 

of simple installation, low cost, effective protection of ceramic tile and reducing the 

collision hazard caused by 90 degree convex angle.


The material or color of Wall and ceiling is not the same, there will be a clear line of 

intersection, external corner trim is to cover up the boundary used, and according to 

different styles of indoor choice of wood or gypsum line, but also played a decorative