What are the advantages of a cabinet door aluminum profile?

- Jul 20, 2018-

1. Waterproof

Cabinet Door Aluminum profile is made of aluminum alloy frame inlaid crystal plate, aluminum alloy profiles, ABS plastic parts, crystal plate is not rotten material, so the cabinet door Aluminum provides 50 years waterproof guarantee can be directly water rinse and soak.

2.Fire protection 

Cabinet doors Aluminum has a strong heat resistance, the test proved to be heat-resistant 200°c temperature is not destroyed.

Even if the whole set of light on it, after a long time of burning also without prejudice to its surface, overcome the general plate cannot withstand the burning defects.

3. Insect-resistant ants

The cabinet door aluminum is extremely hard, even termites can do nothing.

4. Impact resistance

Cabinet doors Aluminum has a strong impact resistance, the experiment proved to withstand 227g of steel ball from 3 meters down without damage test, bending strength of 150Mpa.

5. Wear-resistant The cabinet door Aluminum profile surface cutter is not non-destructive, uses under the normal condition, may use 50 years to be new.